• OCT 30 2014
    Video: Leaves and Lamas
    After a long racing season, our three NS Bikes / LamaCycles Distribution DH riders Sam, Phil and Lucas, went back home to shred the trails of Ski Bromont before the mountain closes.   Cold weather and rainy days on the East Coast mark the end of the DH season. Af...
  • OCT 28 2014
    Video: Midweek mulch session
    Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) visited his friend Matt Jones who has an insane compound for riding bikes in and made a little edit of the tricks they did today....
  • OCT 24 2014
    Video: Fall Bromance
    When video maker Jimmy Reynolds (Halo22) knocked on LamaCycles Distribution's  door this summer looking for local riders he could feature in a video project they hooked him up with Sam Thibault & Phil Ricard, two of our guys from Bromont. The result is a banging &am...
  • OCT 23 2014
    Sezon 2 premiere on November 27th
    The trailer for the "SEZON 2" movie is out. The great success and hundreds of positive and motivating comments after the release of the SEZON1 decided on the production of the second part of Kuba Gzela's film. The film titled SEZON2 will be produced accor...
  • OCT 23 2014
    Throwback Thursday #6
    It's Throwback Thursday time. This week we dug up the photo from the very first NS Bikes Trip we took back in the 2005. Although it was almost 10 years ago most of these guys are still in the bike business. Can you tell the names of the guys in the picture? We also found the old...
  • OCT 23 2014
    Video: Hardtail Hucking
    Check out this cool video sent to us by Marcin who is riding the hardtail bike built on our NS Surge frame.   The video has been shot in one day on Marcin's trails in Wegierska Gorka, Poland. It really captures the essence of hardtail freeriding.   Rider: Marcin "Banan" ...
  • OCT 22 2014
    NS Snabb T custom build
    The cool thing about working in the bike industry is that you get to ride some nice bikes before they even get to the production line. Here is our boss' Snabb T custom build.   Raw frame - weighs less! Note the hand polished rocker. Compared to a production frame this one has slight...
  • OCT 21 2014
    Video: Sam's World - California
    The new Monster Energy Sam's World episode from California is out and its a banger! Follow Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) and Sam Reynolds as they travel to South Africa, California grab an Insight to life back home in the UK.   Featured Riders: Sam Reyn...
  • OCT 20 2014
    Interview with Sam Pilgrim
    Guess who made it into the latest issue of Mountainbike Rider Magazine?  Photo: Szymon Nieborak ...
  • OCT 20 2014
    Getting Fuzzed in Czech Republic
    Our crew has been thrashing the new 2015 650B NS Fuzz bikes in Kouty Bike Park this weekend. Both bikes are downhill beasts! #nsbikes #nsfuzz #downhill #dh #bike #ns...




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